Summer Themes

Sharon Academy offers a unique experience for our children and families. During our “summer months” of June and July, teachers lead special Summer Experiences through the whole-school themes. Our Summer Experiences provide children the opportunity to participate in a unique “summer camp” opportunity with their classmates and peers. Some of our previous Summer Experiences have included Lego Movie Week, Circus Week, Dinosaur Week, and many more wonderful topics. Alongside the planning of our Curriculum Specialist, our teachers create immersive activities for our children. For example, during our Superhero Week, children created their own superhero disguises, wrote and read special superhero stories, and even participated in Superhero Training Camp! The alignment of themes throughout the preschool creates connection between classes and children of all ages!

In-House Field Trips

At Sharon Academy, our goal is to provide children with many different opportunities and new experiences. We know that children learn through play and exposure to new adventures. Through our in-house field trips, our children have the opportunity to be exposed to new interests, different cultures, and new passions. Some of our in-house field trips have included special experiments from an elementary school science teacher, a magic show from a magician, nature lessons from Sandy the Nature Lady, and a Spanish cooking lesson. Other favorite activities include an interactive storyteller and art lessons from Noah’s Art. In-house field trips are available to all classes depending on the developmental level of the experience. Watching our children make new discoveries is one of our greatest joys!